My name is Shahrzad Jabbarian, I was diagnosed with “Acute Myeloid Leukemia” (AML) in September 2012.

Sixty days passed and I still didn’t have my match as this made me real upset and I noticed how very little people even knew about Bone Marrow Registry.

I could no longer wait therefore, I decided to start my own campaign of creating awareness on how each and every donor can make a difference between life and death and how easy it can be for individuals to add their DNA information to Stem Cell Bank.

It wasn’t easy, as it needed lots of planning, funding and volunteers to get the message out there, in order to raise more awareness by showing up at the events and getting tested.

Our first event on January 19th, 2013 was nothing but success. More than 1500 people showed up all willing to help by doing the test.

Over 600 people got tested in less than 6 hours, this was beyond anyone’s expectations.

I was overwhelmed from the support I received; I noticed the reason most people have not done the test is only because many of them were never informed about the importance of being part of the STEM CELL registry. Most were just not educated on the fact that over 70% people needing a donor find their match from a total stranger.

Most people were not familiar with how easy it can be to join the STEM CELL BANK with just a simple swab test or a blood sample.

I am determined to not only find a match for myself, but to also help many other patients just like me that are still in search of their donor.

I have done over 50 different interviews with different TVs, Magazines and Newspapers and I have showed up in different events and seminars talking and educating the public on Leukemia and Bone Marrow Transplant and I will continue, even after finding my match as my goal is to help thousands of other patients by organizing events and raising awareness on how each individual can play their part by being a donor.