What Is Iridology

What Is Iridology

Iridology is the science and practice of iris analysis, the most complex external structure of human anatomy.  The practice of iridology is expanding rapidly, as it is known as a valuable tool for preventive health care.  Iris is a connection to all organs and tissues of the body by means of brain and nervous system.  It is in direct contact with bio-energetic, biochemical, structural, hormone, and body metabolism process through nerve, vascular, muscle fiber, and lymphatic.  It aims to be used to assess physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual patterns and weaknesses for complete health analysis.  It is completely painful, does not invade, and economically functioning while providing valuable information for restoration and preventive health care.

Most iridologists also include the study of Sclerology as their evaluation. Sclerology is the study of white of the eyes as they relate to a person's health.  The interpretation of red lines, colorations, and marks in the eyes are closely related to the current pathology of the body. This is based on twelve meridians and yin and yang characteristics of each of the meridian lines.  China saw a line in the eyes as a reflection of the lymphatic liquid at every fountain of the cells in relation to the principle of acupuncture. This principle concludes that the imbalance in the eyes energy registration  Native Indian also analyzes the eyes to gain better understanding of the stress that affects the person's health.

Nature has provided us with valuable understanding in the important state of any person's health through the science of Iridology and Sclerology, an eye analysis helps us make sure that the person's genetic incentives for health and disease, the general Constitution, as well as organs and glands influence other bodily systems.  Personality habits, thoughts and emotional patterns, and deep spiritual problems can also be perceived, making the actual eye window not only the body, but mentally and spiritual.

Iridology has greatly progressed from mid year 1800.  Many doctors and scientists have researched iridology in humans past 125 years and have become respected practices, used by many doctors and naturopaths worldwide.  Dr. Boenadchensen, famous iridologist and nutrition, the pioneering science of iridology here in the USA  Dr. Dewitche Pesek, Ph.D. has continued and expanded in the work of Jensen to develop one of the most comprehensive service charts used today, integrate ideas and emotional patterns with body health, and improve the understanding of ' brain-flare areas '. 

With current technology and the use of microscopic and digital photography, many doctors, naturopaths, and psychology from England, Germany, Italy, France, USA, Australia, Canada, and Russia have been progressing in the iris analysis. More than 20 years have the potential to seem unlimited.  The brain area, which is analyzed in the upper quadrant of the Iris, has a further determination of emotional health and spirituality.  The risk assessment time has been proven and used in conjunction with advanced iridologists worldwide.

Time-risk is an interesting level of exactitude, by using the lining cells that cut around students, to determine the actual time when the body imbalance, the mind, soul may arise from childhood to age. 

Research projects are conducted by many iridologists/researchers around the world. One study in progress is performed by the American College of Iridology, which targets the marker in the corresponding intestinal area of the iris to identify the intestinal disease in the early stages.  This is a rapid iridology in the United States as part of a preventive healthcare system by understanding the genetic influences and learning how to care appropriately for the body to avoid potential diseases.

John Andrews, Iridologist The top and researchers from the UK published in the Iridology Research journal, the Quarterly, as well as many work from Dr. Lorito, MD from Italy, Dr. Dailakis, MD from Greece, Dr. Winsendi Spazio from Italy, Dr. David Borow, Sprout and medical Iridologist from Austria, professor. Javier Griso Lome from Spain, Professor Prokofiev Jurasunas from Portugal and many more.  This journal includes topics such as ' creation of age profiles through Iridology ', ' several stenosis and iridology ', ' blood glucose ', ' Dysbiosis – immunity ', ' biophysics and quantitive and biochemical quality ' and ' iridology – potential in the dose '. Obviously we can see that iridology are taken seriously by a influential physician that is open to the progress of nature alternative.

The iris reminds us to the beginning of the near ' dis-simple ', even if there is a well educated iridologist be sure to warn that the iris can be diagnosed with disease, however, it can recognize the potential for disease as well as toxic accumulations and the weakness of tissues within the body.  While assessment is done and the stress conditions understand the appropriate corrective measures can be applied.  The body can be easily adjusted and relieve abnormal stress occurring at more levels of health, as well as one activation may be inevitable to any threat.  

Each eye gives us our different information.  The left-hand eye on the left side of the body and the right side of the brain, which is a woman, creative thinking, the concept, an easy-to-use, relevant to our emotions.  The right eye coupled with the right side of the body and left of the brain, which is an analysis, practical, linear, human side and related to our function and self-logic.

So the eyes are very conscious ' informant ' about the causes of body stress. The iridologists is trained in translating the meaning of indications that are in the eyes with the advantage of having ' medium command ' over peripheral inspection, such as blood, hair, tongue or urine analysis which does not have full access to all of the body Data (although each of these analyses systems provide specific information).  The actual speech, the right hand may not know what the left hand is doing, but the brain center knows what the two hands are doing at the same time and eyes are the sharp music information.

Knowing the various stresses in the body can be necessary to take care of preventive health.  These stress may be simple, moderate, or severe, and can represent conditions such as nutritional deficiencies, bad circulation, congestion, fatigue, acid ph/unbalanced alkaline, infection (bacterial, virus, parasite), etc. Nerve stress, toxic accumulations and abnormal cellular activity  The format may register abnormal stress development for a long time before experienced intense effects.  With cognitive conditions, the proper correction measures can be used by the treatment of foreign factors with natural treatment (nutrition, debate, enzyme therapy, homeopathy, Acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, consultation, etc.) It leads to a high level of health care.

Your iridologist is an important part of the health care team.  I encourage my customers to discuss health care analyses and programs I give to a physician or other healthcare service provider.  Some doctors understand the value of such analyses and will guide customers to iridologist for the whole body assessment, often reducing discomfort, cost, and time-related patients.

Eyes can also show us clean and signal healing as the body is more suitable state of health.  All we need is a padlock to understand the symbol... and here it is, look right into our eyes!

Reference from: Holistic iridology, by Dr. David J. Pesek, an international Institute of Iridology, and visually insight, instructs Sclerology, by Dr. Tip, ND, Ph.D., International Sclerology Institute, and advanced Iridology Research Journal by John Andrews

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