Simple Steps for Beautiful hair

There are some things you can do regularly to improve overall health and nature of your hair as well as some things you can avoid.  Generally, this is some standard:

Your hair brush: Yep, Good old hundred strokes.  This stimulates the blood supply to the scalp, removing dead skin cells and leaving the scalp before they are infected, and disperse fat over the hair shaft for moisture and protection.  Bend from the waist and hang it while making a tooth brush.  Use a natural brush or other gentle brush to watch out and don't hurry better to go slowly and get only 30 strokes in, than quickly breaking up and risking or pulling out your hair.  Get in the habit of brushing your hair thoroughly before rinsing.

Massage your scalp: Before you stop the groom and brush your hair during the day make a point of the scalp massage fast first.  Slip your finger into your hair and use just the sheet of your finger to massage in a small circle movement above your scalp.  Using your finger pad will make you from destroying your hair, scratches, your scalp and wheel up your style too.  After that, do a new spray (if you use it) and go.

Break the day: Get in the habit of giving your hair a break once a week.  It is not necessary to wash your hair every day (if you are a teenager having a dirty job or working up a true sweat every day).  If you are over 20 years old and without any rashes or infections (like dandruff), give your hair a break all day. Choose a date you normally don't go out or just make homework and do business. Do not rinse with shampoo and no thermal style.  If you just feel too dirty and need to do something after your hair brush general to disperse fat, just wet your hair, use the air conditioner on a little daily life, wash well, then pull back into the "wet look  " The tail is a horse or a bun.  Give your hair a break from the hair pool once a week and whenever possible from the drying and styling of the heat. 

Air Conditioning therapy: Unless you have a very good, limp hair, get in the habit of using deep treatment with your hair once a week. The depth adjustment machine is not the same as every day and the preparation of homemade home is really good. Coconut oil is good for hair conditioning.  Brush your hair, gently wash and dry towels. Use your deep massage cream and then wrap your head in a warm towel to open the cuticle hair and help the massage cream to soak it away. About 10 minutes to half an hour, then langok thoroughly in warm water to remove the sunscreen that is still already cold water to turn off the hair.  Wash your hair in cold water may be slightly uncomfortable, but it can do amazing things for the appearance of your hair. It cuticle off my hair near the shaft, which increases the shine and handles and keeps me healthy.  The mixture of cold water and lemon juice is even better for shining and strength (half of the lime juice spoon in two ตอังกฤษ of sufficient cold water). 

Daily Conditioner: Get in the habit of using hair massage cream every day with me. Every time you make this shampoo reduces the end of the grooves, changing the color when heated when styling and reducing the need for frequent gaze.  Use products designed for hair styling if you usually blow, dry, use a ductile iron or a hot roller. 

Hairstyle: Get in the habit of getting your hair trim when it needs to be again, this decreases the split ends and helps the excess weight out of your hair (which can cause breakage).  Approximately once every 8 weeks are suitable for shoulder length or long hair once every 6 weeks for shorter pattern.

Up-Dos: Yep, correct – if you have a long hair and want to give it a way-lay your hair up when possible.  I am not suggesting that you seem librarian every day, but one of the reasons women have grown such long hair back in  "old days " is because they wear it up all the time.  The weight of your hair can stimulate the start of the distance.  When I was weighed down and very long, it stopped growing and fell, or just divided out.  Make your hair more often, allowing the weight out of the root of the hair.  You can pin gently with the bobby pins or click the banana cover when doing business working home cooking dinner works patio, messy around on your computer, watch TV, etc.  Now, depending on your hair style and hair length.  If you have a short hair, this step is not just necessary-it is not possible.  However, if you have a shoulder length or long hair and want to be thick and healthy, the possible look makes it a point to bring it up and give weight out of your scalp.  One side is it helps me out of dinner.

How to clear your faith or no suitable way to clear your hair Maintain it like a quality silk!  If you ever made a mistake of working a pair of expensive silk pipes through your washing machine, you know what I mean.

Here are a few tips for avoiding the cause of excess damage to your hair while clearing:

1. Let your hair hang naturally when you wash. Either stand in the shower or have your head leaning over a bath or in the sink.  Never – No – never – stack up your head to clear. 

2. Wet your hair with warm water (not hot) to prepare for the wash, I keep the rain pressure soft enough to avoid the excess water pressure on your hair.

3. Add shampoo to your palm. 

4. Work with shampoo into your hands and use it with your scalp.  Work the shampoo in your scalp around the head by massaging your finger at your fingertips (not your nails).  Move your fingers from one space of your head to another by lifting your finger and putting it somewhere else on your head.  Do not drag through your hair, keep in mind that I am the most fragile to damage and fracture when it's wet.  If your hair is extra dirty or it, you can work with shampoo through late.  If your hair is very dry or processed, you may want to wash your scalp and let the shampoo get the dirt or oil on the tip while it is cleared out. 

5. Wash the hair thoroughly with warm water.  Make sure that you allow it to be placed naturally.  You may be scattered away lightly with your fingertips if it's long and needs additional help from shampoo.

6. If you choose to use a massage cream for a different time from the pool, I use the nourishing cream of your hair, and if your hair dries basically, use the rest of your hand gently to the root.  Clean the Wash.

7. Gentle Dry Towel  A new hair towel is excellent, keeping hair in place and not hard like a towel to give a little risk of breakage to your hair.

8. When I bake a towel, you can use my massage cream.  

9. Wet hair comb with wide comb – no wet brush

10. Never, never sleep on wet hair – it is risky when wet, and can be easily destroyed as you open the pillow.  Although it does not ruin, it is coarse up cuticle and makes it look dull.

11. Dry hair at any time

With just a little care and attention you can have a lush and cute lock that you deserve.  Treat your hair like a quality silk and it will reward you with shiny, body and ingenuity.

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