Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Some people have the same unpleasant needs such as dandruff; some may be mistaken for acne, but need different courses of treatment. Of course, your skin doctor can only perform a conclusion diagnosis. But little learning about these conditions may help you determine the question for your doctor.

Cosmetica Acne as its name suggests, the model is severe and quite typical of acne caused by cosmetics. Since it was triggered by a particular product, it could hit everyone — even the people who are not physiological in acne treatment. Basically consisting of small-lever or pink-radius on the cheek, chin and frontal, developed gradually over a few weeks or months. It may still exist, but often it does not cause scars to be avoided. When shopping for makeup and skin products, look for products that  "No comedogenic" these products are less likely to cause irritation or clogging of the pores.

Dandruff (or dermatitis) For the reason that we do not know the dandruff often comes with acne, especially in teenagers. Similar causes for dandruff sufferers, the natural process of renewal of cell scalp is accelerating when fighting off p. ovale, a regular fungus found on every human head. This causes dead cells to be eliminated faster, creating symptoms that we know as dandruff — scratching the Tartar and the itching of the scalp. In some cases, the dandruff relates to a small pimple on the scalp. The climate, genetic, food, hormones and stress can also affect the dandruff. Most cases can handle non-medication shampoo with zinc, coal oil or krotkrot. A strong shampoo can be determined by your doctor if the problem persists. Dandruff is not a hair wash, so it makes the shampoo possible every day. In contrast, scratches or scalp selection can cause worse conditions.

Dermatitis (or eczema) is a characteristic of a fast-paced red rash that may have itching and swelling. Allergy-related skin diseases and hay disease allergies and usually see childhood. Contact skin diseases are often caused by exposure to irritation (detergent or severe chemicals) or allergens (substances that patients are allergic to, such as rubber, preservatives, or scents). Individuals with chronic skin diseases will have a history of irritation in the area or affected areas. Eyelid, throat and hand are usually the most affected in adults. The skin in these areas may be darker than the skin around and is thicker from scratches. This format is thought to be genetically, but may also be influenced by environmental factors as well. Dermatitis may come and go throughout the life of the people.

Enlarge pores Before starting the onset of puberty, most people have relatively small pores and smooth skin. Pores tend to become huge in teenagers as increasing fat production. Then, as we still age, the damage of the sun decreases the elasticity of the skin, making the pores larger. As an adult, the size of your pores is determined by genetics. Some people fixed the small pores of their youth, while others developed a large pore. Individuals with large pores may complain on a small gray black head on the nose and cheek. In conflict with these popular beliefs, "acne-head". There is nothing more than the normal fat working of it: the pore lining is due to the meaning to be there, squeeze into a workout in futility — the oil is back in the next day, and handling frequently over time may damage the pores, making it expand permanently.

This differs from acne treatment, which occurs within the extent of the infected pores, skin bags are the same growth in the deeper layers of the skin. The water bags are filled with soft, white material which may remain without defined small cysts (less than 5 mm diameter). Normally, there is no need to heal; they may be annoyed, but generally harmless. Large cysts have a higher chance to become infected; This is a very painful and can lead to ulcers, skin cysts are usually permanent even if the material is being extracted, the dew bag and the bag may be back. In these cases all water bags must be eliminated to prevent the recurrence while cysts are often toxic, it is wise to consult a physician about suspicious cubes and bumps.

-Racouchet syndrome. Due to this condition caused by severe, damage of the sun over many years, Favouchet. The syndrome is most prevalent among men and women over 50. The patient is suffering by a large coalescent (acne-head) around the eyes and cheeks. Unlike acne, black head, Favre. Funny, no regression, if not treated. They must be surgery or treated with a particular retinoids.

Your general language among teens, keratosis pilaris Characterized by a small patch, red, heavy kernel on the back of the arm, shoulders, buttocks and front of the thighs. Sometimes it happens on the cheek as well with many bumps in the affected areas. Unlike acne, keratosis pilaris are often not painful and feel the touch thorns. It tends to be more drastic in winter when low humidity, and is more prevalent in drought-dry climates.

Milia These small white bumps are mostly found in the eyes around the eye. In nature, they are difficult to touch and deep into the skin. It may have a week or even a month; if they are especially troublesome to you, consult your skin doctor for a professional, safe removal.

Peri-Oral skin disease. Affecting women in the range of 20 s and 30s, this condition is characterized by the appearance of itching or a gentle red dot around the mouth. Skin at the lips may look pale and dry, while the upper lip chin and the cheek becomes red, dry, and lint-coloured. It can also affect skin around the nose.

Pseudofolliculitis barbae Pseudofolliculitis barbae is just a fancy name for a similar acne, generally called "shaving shock. " When the feathers begin to grow after shaving, waxing or withdrawn, they have been trapped inside the pores and cause irritation and swelling. Everyone does not get a shaving shock. People with curly hair are more susceptible, but anyone can follow the steps to prevent them. If you can use an electric scraper If you want shaving, use a new blade with a single edge every time you shave it. Prepare the space with warm water and a rich shave cream. Always shave with the seeds not on it, then after you're done, use a mild toner or a gel photosensitive resistance. Get more information about shaving.

Rosa. The frequent error for acne, rosacea is the most common skin condition in adults between 30 and 60 years of age. Unlike acne, rosacea is not related to clogging and appears only in areas that tend to clear when we are embarrassed, excited or hot — the facial master, the neck and chest. The skin is a pond, red and it's in a manner, and may be associated with papules and pustules. Rosacea starts to be an actual inflammation or a occasional annoyance. However, the treatment on the left can be chronic symptoms that cause scars from the face. If you think you may have rosacea should contact your physician immediately.

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