The Two Sides of Medicine

At all times there is always two opponents points of view, as a good health treatment or how to revive after having to lose it. This conflict has been continuously since antiquity... and no doubt will continue in the future.

One ' side ' believes that good health is the result of an external intervention. Drugs, etc.  "side " Believe that good health results from living in harmony with natural law. The right nutrition is clean.

Ancient Greeks have the requirements for both groups of these people. As often as the case on that day, each group is under the umbrella of ' God ', one is ' Asklepios '... God of the drug offering support intervention. These people are called ' Asklepians ' who believe that the secret of a good health is caused by living in harmony with nature looking up. ' Hygeia '... the goddess of the health of these people is called ' Hygeian '.

Asklepians compared to Hygeian

The two factions tend to be the main thing of the other... nothing much changed throughout the age. Modern Western medicine will use the ' Asklepian ' method, however, in recent years, the Hygeian method is always the basic principle behind the Chinese medicine getting much ground. The rise of the popularity of ' Hygeian ' means no doubt due to the combination of many factors:
  • Traditional Primary medical pleasure
  • The increased case of medical ' misadventure ' (hospital is the place to stay away from)
  • The realization of good health is a personal responsibility... not a physician overworked
  • The increased perception that the medical industry has a huge influence from the drug company and that is always better, safe and more economically natural alternatives to the drug.

Although in the swing of the main medicine, the main medicine will have a place in everyone's health program. Apart from the obvious people in treating accident cases or chronic urgent illness. So, if you already have ' Hygeian ' not over see the benefits that the main doctor can offer you in your overall quest for good health and longevity.

These benefits are essentially in early checks of pending diseases that you may not have yet realized!

An example

Suppose you are older than 40 years old... you are healthy and not overweight, you eat well, you don't smoke, don't drink too much and rarely get sick. You might think you'll live forever. Good, at least in the old age, ripe!... or maybe not

Reflecting a period of time, have you ever known everyone around this era that has died as soon as your mind because you think they are healthy so? People may also be competing athletes!

Let me tell you real story

About 15 years ago my friend who is around 40, the former body creator with a competition remains in good shape and very well fit at the water Lake-ski. He is watching some young water – skiers do some ' tricks '

As a competitor he is waiting until they come in and go down to the waters and say  "Now I will show you how to really do it. " The person is the last word he ever said. A few minutes later he lying on the ground that died of the heart Y.

My friend died immediately. He may be simply easily having a stroke that he will or may not recover from... which will be a major tragedy.

Tragedies can often be avoided.

This tragedies occurs every day and the results have not been destroyed, not only to be victim, but also their families, sadly, many of these tragedies may have been averted... if someone recognizes their risk factors and can resolve any malfunction before it is too late!

Now return to the point of this matter. My friend died of clogging in his arteries. Take only one! If 15 years ago, the technology for all measurements ' predicted ', which indicates the risk of organizing such activities is available. And my friends have understood what they mean, he probably will continue to show the young men how to do water techniques-skiing!

How many thousands of people still die needlessly because they do not know how to take advantage of current technology. ... or in some cases, so when compared to the main dose, they do not take advantage of ' Good'parts! '

OK, what should you do?

First of all, if you have more than 35 and do not have blood test within the past few years. Arrange one... now!
One common receipt tested for:
LDL and HDL 
  • Triglycerides
  • Homocysteine
  • lipoproteins
  • Liver function
  • Kidney function
If you are more than 40, make sure that you have PSA (only of the Antigen prostate) test). Hint: There are recent evidence to show that if you have sex within the previous 72 hours, your PSA level may be affected. Play safely and ignore for 2-3 days before your test.

Regardless of your gender, ask your physician if it also suggests other tests for you.  If each test is in a good normal range, you can easily relax knowing that you are unlikely to be under the health risks immediately. Then you can bring your efforts to improve how you feel and slow down your aging process.

If any of your tests are abnormal, you will have to do something about bringing them back to within the ' normal ' range and may be under more testing. It is a cure for any disorder from these blood tests that create potential conflicts between ' Askelepians ' and ' Hygeians '.

This is an example of a potential conflict.

Suppose your test shows that your cholesterol ' out of the strike ', your main physician may offer a reduction in your intake of cholesterol and food. That is unlikely to be successful while eating cholesterol onthao it makes up relatively small percentages of cholesterol in the blood.

They are further likely to present one of the most commonly known anti-cholesterol statins. These are drugs that work by blocking the enzymes that your liver wants to produce cholesterol. (up to 80% of cholesterol in your blood is produced by your liver, do not come from the consumption of cholesterol Onphai in your diet).

These drugs statin are very effective and have been known to cause serious side effects as well as death. In fact, Bayers was forced lately to withdraw their drug statin from the market place due to ' not accepting ' levels of a intend. Despite these risks, the sale of the drug statin amount is billions of dollars per year and is generally determined.

It is believed that there is a natural alternative to these statin drugs which can help to lower cholesterol, and do it safely, and without side effects. But the general public has heard very little about them that they do not. Patentable and not as financial incentives for large enterprises to promote them.

The same principles apply for several different ailments. There may be many legitimate treatment methods. The main thing is that you find a natural alternative and apply it before agreeing to it based on its own negative side effects of the drug drug.

Drug drugs are ' blocks ' while natural remedies to ' enablers '.

Drug drugs are ' blocks ' and do not normally treat basic diseases. They usually work by suppressing natural functions like some enzymes as I mentioned earlier when giving ' statin ' for example. Due to this process, the result is often ' immediate ' and so there is sometimes a place for these effective prescription medications in the event of a life-threatening emergency.

In contrast, natural products like herbs, tamin etc. are ' enablers ' they work that corrects the cause of a disease that often lacks the nutrients of certain sorts. Results are not immediately and need to be measured in weeks or even months.

If you have serious disease, work with your doctor to try and fix it. Using natural remedies for the first time. If she or he is not familiar with the treatment, you want to try to research further and get hold of the information support so that you are in a better position to discuss smart options. If your doctor has a closed idea to naturally remedy it may be wise to ask around and find a doctor with other features that have the mind open.


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