Minerals - Good For Your Bones, Organs and Tissue

Minerals are vital as vitamins when it comes to overall health and well-being. Since every activity of enzyme in the body requires minerals, your body will not be able to use vitamins and other nutrients without them. Calcium, magnesium, chromium, iron, selenium and zinc are just a few of the essential minerals necessary to maintain continuous health.

For years, the supplement market has been dominated by vitamins, but the vitamins and amino acids are no longer beneficial without minerals because all enzyme activities involve minerals. Minerals for health bones, organs, and tissue minerals are necessary to maintain delicate cell fluid balance, to form the bones and blood cells, to make the function of the nerves, and to control the tone muscles, texture and activity (including organ muscles like hearts, stomach, liver, etc.).

Minerals act as a supplement for many biological reactions within the body, including muscle responses, messaging through neurological systems, hormone production, digestion, and utilization of food nutrients.

Minerals are primarily stored in bones and muscle tissue for possible toxicity. The risk of toxicity increases when one mineral is eaten without any cofactor nutrients supported. Such a situation of the mineral is quite rare, because toxic levels accumulate only in cases where large overdoses are confirmed for a long time of time.
  • Maintain healthy bones, organs and tissues 
  • Tone muscles the control body 
  • Help with the formation of bones and blood cells

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